Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Health 101 . . . or Whatever! :)

Sometimes you've just gotta ditch the plan!

Our homeschool day ended early today--we skipped Health class!   Oooooo, I know that doesn't sound over the top to some, but I'm pretty strict about scheduled schoolwork being completed before play.

Hanging out in a tree. Love the holes in the knees. :)
That is, until these beautiful, spring-like days start to appear here and there after a long winter.  I figure we'll have plenty of time tomorrow, when it's supposed to be chilly and rainy, to double up on missed Health lessons.

Piling wood, "Like the Pilgrims, Mom." :)
Besides, I'm totally promoting good health by "making" Little Mister go outside, soak in some sunshine and fresh air, and get some healthy exercise as well!  Right? ;)

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  1. Absolutely right, my dear. You're a great mom and teacher.


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