Saturday, September 10, 2011

And the Winner Is . . .

I now have the result of my first-ever lil giveaway!

The "lucky" (lol) recipient will be getting a free full-sized bottle of my favorite-for-now Nivea Touch of Happiness body wash and a few extra surprises.

Now, I must tell you how scientifically this drawing was administered.  My plan was to use Randomizer.  I mean, if the big commercial bloggers can use it, certainly it wouldn't be complicated for my lil giveaway of 24 entries!  Right?

Ha!  We're talking me, here.  I went to Randomizer and couldn't figure out the first thing they were talking about.  So, a-hem, I decided to go the old fashioned route!  I cut slips of paper, one for each entry (note:  per entry, not per person, as each person could enter more than one day).  Put 'em in a container and mixed them up really well without looking.  Had Hubby (who couldn't care less about who won or not--very impartial!) close his eyes and choose the name (he even mixed them up some more with his eyes closed before choosing).

And the name he drew was . . .

. . . JULIE!!  Yes, she's my sister, but I stated clearly in the rules that this was for any of my followers to enter, even family.  So, Julie, you won fair and square!  Congratulations!! :) 

This was fun.  I may do another lil giveaway or two along the way.  Stay tuned! :)  Thanks to everyone who entered and I'm sorry if you didn't win.  Keep trying in the future!  And I love y'all--you're all winners in my book!  Muah!

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  1. YAY!! Way to go Jules!! Thanks for the great fun and anticipation of the game. I will indeed be staying tuned. Love you Laur!!


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