Thursday, November 10, 2011

Are You Normal?

In an unexpected twist in the path of our life as a family, we find ourselves with a "normal" schedule for a couple of months.  This hasn't happened in many years.  My husband works with troubled youth and doesn't usually have a Monday-Friday work schedule.  To maximize our time with him, Little Mister and I have our homeschool schedule match whatever Kevin's work schedule is at any given time.

For the months of November and December, Kevin is suddenly working Monday through Friday.  Finally a chance to feel normal!  I mean, we have had the weirdest schedules on the planet and often feel like we're swimming against the current as far as scheduling things with people and the like.  We have definitely dealt with that and tried to make the most of whatever schedule God has provided for us.

But sometimes I find myself wondering, "What would it be like to be normal?"  Not necessarily pining away for it, but just wondering.

So, we've been "normal" for almost two weeks now.

Except, I still don't feel normal.

I still don't feel normal!!!

I still feel like there's a "right" way of doing everything that needs to be done (which every "normal" person knows and does) that I will never comprehend or achieve.  I can't put my finger on it.  Even abnormal people seem more normal to me than I feel to myself at times.

I'm not talking about imperfections or faults I need to work on in my life.  That's another story altogether.  Even the most normal people have those. Nor am I referring to the fact that I love the Lord and His Word, which is weird to some people.  Nope, I'm just talking about the day-to-day living of life in general.

I'm going out on a limb here.  The thought occurred to me that maybe "normal" is elusive to everybody, or most people anyway.  Do a lot of people feel like someone else's life is more "normal?"  What is normal?

I would love to know whether or not you think you are normal, or if you ever feel the way I do . . . like you sometimes want to live a normal life (when we have time to even think about it!) but aren't even sure what normal is?

Does anyone even know what I'm talking about here?


  1. Normal people have a dad who works 8 to 5. They sit down to dinner at 6, kids have a bath and go to bed at 8. Mom and Dad spend some time together, and then they go to bed after the news.

    It is 8:53, and David just left here to go back to the building after being gone since 7:50 am. I told him he had to take a break and eat some supper, so we did get to spend an hour with him. He will be back home for the night after 9:30. We watched Spongebob after we ate supper. One of our children is trying to shoot people with a toy gun, and the girls are shrieking in the bathroom while they are supposed to be brushing their teeth. This is OUR normal, but it is not what I perceive as normal! There are times that it feels like we are totally different than most people we know. We stay up later than most, and we are usually not able to do family activities unless it is a weekend. I am very thankful for David's job, but there are times that you feel like there must be some loop that you are being left out of!

    I did comment to David the other day that I was thankful that we could homeschool, because otherwise he might never see the kids. Maybe you didn't want to know all this, but it has been kind of a long day, and you may have pushed my buttons!

  2. Love, I've know you before we could tie our saddle shoes. We are not normal, lol. I kid, I kid. Normal by society's measure is Mon-Fri work week and the weekends off. For most of my married life, my husband worked Weds-Sun. Our weekend was Mon and Tues. On top of that he worked the second shift, so our daughter never saw him until "our" weekend. So with your hubby's change in schedule I would say that is the "new" normal for you right now.


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