Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Value of Work

I clearly remember when, as a kid, I would occasionally complain to my mom about being bored, and she would say what every wise mom says to her child in that situation:  "There's no need for you to suffer boredom.  I have plenty of work I can share with you!"  Hmmmm . . .

I haven't been bored in many, many years.  There's no time to be bored!  In fact, I doubt that any person truly needs to be bored at any time.  Even if we have finished all the work we are required to do, if we look beyond ourselves, there is plenty to be done elsewhere.

I've picked up on a little secret, for those of you who parent boys:  Boys NEED to work!  Girls do, too, I'm sure, but I only have experience in parenting a boy.  We've been having . . . oh, let's just say . . . a time of attitude adjusting around here lately.  After a full day of physical labor outside with his dad today, Little Mister couldn't have been happier.  Sure, he's tired and sweaty and smelled a bit funky at dinner, but he even said it himself:  "Dad, I LOVE to work with you!"  And he's been sweet as the sweetest honey whenever I've had the opportunity to speak with him today. :)

Work does us all good, inside and out.  It keeps us from laziness and can even keep our minds sharp.  Also, the work of our hands now prepares us for the future.  We've all heard the fable about the industrious ant and the poor, lazy grasshopper.  There is some truth to that after all!

There's no better time to teach our kids about work than now, while they are kids!  It wouldn't surprise me if kids are actually more bored today, even with all the modern games and gadgets they have to "entertain" them, than the children of 50 or 100 years ago.  Work burns off energy and teaches skills and healthy independence, as well as teamwork under the right circumstances.  Most importantly, it teaches them to look around at the needs of others and to prepare for the future.

Let's not be afraid to put our kids to a reasonable amount of work!  They aren't going to melt!! :)


  1. So true. All the video games and such seem to breed discontentment.

    Good for you for giving your son the gift of a good work ethic! : )

    It sounds like a very sweet time too...Lot's of memories made I'm sure. : )

    Love you, ~Amelia

  2. I couldn't agree with you more! Our kids have a substantial amount of responsibility around here & even though our oldest son is younger than two of the girls, he carries a very heavy work load because it's so healthy for him. His attitude is so much better after he puts in a good day's work! He is becoming quite an admirable young man & I'm so thankful the Lord showed us this while the kids are still young. Good for you, Momma! You're very wise. And.....thank you for sharing your wisdom with your fellow bloggers!:)


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