Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Product Review: Nivea Touch of Happiness (and welcome to my first-ever giveaway!) [CLOSED]

I've been wanting to tell people about this stuff since I first tried it, but, you know, it just doesn't seem to be the type of thing to come up in everyday conversations.  At least not my particular everyday conversations.  I "rarely" am asked (or think to ask anyone), "So, what body wash have you been using lately?"

Soon after it first hit the shelves, I was able to score two bottles of it for really (I mean really!) cheap at Walgreens, combining a sale and coupons.  There are different scents available in this Nivea body wash line, but all they had left by the time I arrived was this Touch of Happiness scent.

I opened the bottle right there in the store to take a whiff (who wants body wash that stinks?!) and immediately knew these two remaining bottles were meant for me! :)  I don't remember what month it was, but it was still wintery out, and every time I opened that bottle from that time on, it was like a little scent of summer to savor for a moment.  Now, this sounds ridiculous even to me, but it was like a touch of happiness!  You know how that feels when you've been cold for so long and you grab on to any glimpse of the seemingly far-off warmth to come, and you hold on with dear hope?  Yes, Nivea Touch of Happiness can help you, too, hold on! lol

The thing is, when summer came I put that one away for awhile and started using another one.  Eh!  It didn't take long before the Nivea was taken out of storage.  Not that there aren't other good body washes out there.  I just really like this one right now!

You don't have to use much at a time.  It lathers up well, has a lovely orange blossomy scent--without being too heavy--and reminds me of sunshine.  That sounds sooooo dramatic, I know.  I've never been so affected by a body wash before. lol

Actually, it's not the hugest of deals and isn't like a magic potion or anything that affects one's whole day.  It really is pretty much what it says it is:  A *Touch* of Happiness.  If one chooses to look at it that way. ;)

Note:  Nivea is not paying me for this recommendation.  Any product I review on this site is based solely on my own personal opinion and for the purpose of alerting readers to great products! :)

Now, for the really fun part!  I've never even thought to do a giveaway on my blog before, but, for whatever reason, I'm feeling compelled to share a "touch" of the "happiness" with one of you.  Just a touch, mind you.  This isn't a big, commercial website after all. :)

If you would like the chance to win a free, full-size bottle of Nivea Touch of Happiness (plus a sweet surprise or two in the same mailing), here are the rules to enter:

1.  You must be at least 18 years old or have your parents' permission.

2.  You must be an "official" follower of my blog, No Place Like Home. (To make it official, scroll down until, on the right side, you see "followers" and click on "Join this Site;" fill out quick info)

3.  You may enter the giveaway once a day by leaving a comment below THIS post, indicating you are entering the Nivea giveaway. (no exact words necessary)  The more times you enter, the better your chances of winning!

4.  The last day to enter is Friday, September 9, 2011, 11:59 PM Eastern time.

5.  Understand that many readers are people I know, including family members.  EVERYONE (in the continental United States) is welcome to enter and the winner will be chosen randomly.  If the winner is a family member or close friend of mine, that person will win the prize fair and square.  :)

6.  Not an official rule, but, though everyone is welcome to try, this giveaway is definitely more likely to be enjoyed by a woman or girl. :)

7.  Continental United States snail mail addresses only, please.

I will randomly choose a winner (probably using Randomizer--that should be a hoot to try out!) and post the winner on a separate post, at which time the winner will have 48 hours to contact me with his/her mailing info.

Fun, fun! :)


  1. I want to win your first giveaway!!! Nivea Rocks!!!

  2. This is exciting. Entering a contest, let alone I know you.

  3. I love your blog! :) please enter me in your give away! thanks:)

  4. Day 2-entering to win MY awesome Nivea product!!

  5. I want to win the Nivea giveaway!

  6. Pick me, pick me!!! I am entering the giveaway again!!!

  7. I'm entering again... I really like your blog Laurie

  8. Here I am again entering the contest....

  9. I hope you Labor Day is going well!

  10. I'm entering your giveaway, again!!!

  11. Good thing you posted this! I am entering again:)

  12. Sign me up for your give a way. :)

  13. Another day, another entry! :)

  14. I am entering your giveaway again.:O)

  15. I can't seem to make this work...hey, I wanna win too! I love surprises in my mailbox!

  16. Hey it's me Sandy. Pick me!!! Pick me!!! I'll send you tomatoes! Disclaimer: I am in no way influencing the judging of the contest by sending my oldest and dearest friend a bushel of homegrown tomatoes for a chance of winning this give away. Nope not me. LOL

  17. I could totally use a "touch of happiness!!" This is a great and super fun idea, Love you Cornsta!! :) P.S. I do hope I am the lucky winna winna chicken dinna!! Can't wait to see who wins!!


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