Monday, March 29, 2010

Top 10 Sights of My Day So Far

  1. My husband's smile
  2. My adorable son's smile
  3. Lamentations 3:22-26
  4. My red pen for grading Little Mister's school work (purple? ha! That's for wimps! According to LM) 
  5. The absence of red marks on LM's school work
  6. The sun
  7. The weather predictions for this week
  8. Little Mister wrestling with the dog.
  9. The flowers Kevin and Little Mister brought me while I was sick
  10. My crockpot 
    OH, and #11 would be signing on to Blogspot (instead of Xanga) and not seeing all that nasty stuff they've been putting on Xanga lately.  That's why I'm switching over--I need to blog, but I don't want to subject myself or readers to that garbage.  I'll also be switching my money-saving blog to Blogspot in the near future.  Just FYI. :)


    1. Welcome to Blogspot! I'm so glad you are here! : )

      Enjoyed your sweet top ten too...So darling.

      Love, ~Amelia

    2. Hi Amelia! So glad to join you here. I feel "cleaner" already! lol ;)

      Love ya,

    3. YAY!!! So good to see you here!


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