Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring School--It Can't be Beat! :)

No matter what kind of school(s) a family chooses--public, private or homeschool (which is considered private school in my state)--there are blessings and challenges, pros and cons.

And SUPER-pros!

Like school here at [Our last name] Christian Academy the last two days.  I'm not trying to talk anyone into anything, but when spring arrives, this super-pro can't be beat.  I call it Spring School, first of all because I haven't taken the time to think of a less lame name, but mostly because I'm so excited for spring weather and to let a slightly (yeah, right!) enthusiastic Little Mister do some of his work outside.  We have to get in our 180 days like everyone else, but the environment is completely up to us!

Reading up in his tower, favorite holey jeans :)

Reading assignments are so much more fun outside.

Grubby jeans and grubby shoes are his fave, 'cuz he knows Mom doesn't care how dirty they become!

Yes, we still must study reading, writing and arithmetic (and a whole bunch more!), but the fresh air and sunshine make it all seem more special somehow.

View from the slide. Shoes always muddy. :)

My patriotic boy loves to plant his American flag wherever he happens to be.

Math under a tree in his "digging area." Minus the math this would be this boy's bliss. :)
Such beautiful days are an indescribable blessing!  Thanks for your gifts, Lord!

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