Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer Reading

My hometown library
 I LOVE the library's summer reading program!  I don't remember whether or not I participated in summer reading programs as a child, nor if there was even one offered.  There probably was, but I didn't need that kind of motivation to read.  I just loved to read!  All through the year, summer or winter, my friends from elementary school and I would walk to the public library regularly.  Yes, kids back then actually walked a couple miles each way to their destinations and not one of us died from it! ;)

Now, it wasn't all about the reading for us, of course.  There was the "Country Kitchen" deli, with penny candy (some of which actually cost a penny--think Swedish fish and Bazooka), to stop at on the way home (or the News Agency--more expensive candy, lol).  By the time Jr. High rolled around, the library was just one more place to see more people (a-hem), and during the high school years, I think most of us did our library business in our school libraries (the LRC at my school) and pretty much avoided the public library.
Our wonderful library :)

As an adult, I'm back to loving the public library.  The endless shelves of books . . . well, they remind me how much time I DON'T have to read.  But, still, just the hope of beginning and completing a great work of fiction (or non) makes those shelves of books look ever so appealing.

Having a child, though, makes it even better.  Because of him I get to read some of my childhood favorites again without being embarrassed!  I have the privilege of introducing him to the best of the best, and see him discover some new ones on his own.

During the school year, he doesn't have as many choices.  But during the summer, the sky's the limit.  Well, within reason, of course. :)  I love to see what he's interested in reading each week.  Last week it was George Washington and mysteries.  This week it's sharks and Little House books (he's reading Farmer Boy right now).

Little Mister doesn't love to read as much as I did at his age, but that's okay.  He enjoys it enough to be slightly enthusiastic.  Being as competitive as he is, even with himself, the summer reading program at the library is quite the incentive!  Reading is a nice way for him to spend some calm moments on summer days.  He's so active--it's nice to see him chill for awhile each day and open a book.

For a list of 101 best classic children's books, divided into age groups, click here
Disclaimer: I don't personally recommend every one of these books, but many of them are very good.  As parents, we need to be careful what we allow our children to read about/dwell on, so it's best to read unfamiliar books before allowing them to do so.  Also, I don't know anything about the rest of this site--just posting it for this list. :)

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