Thursday, August 25, 2011

Lunch Time Flashback

I attended elementary school in the 1970s, probably the best time for lunch boxes!  Pretty much anyone you admired from afar could be found on a lunch box.  And a Thermos was always included. :) Several years ago, on my former blog, I took a poll about favorite lunchboxes of yesteryear.  This time of year makes me think of that blog and readers' amusing answers.  While I was at it, I asked what people remembered enjoying having IN their lunchboxes.  See the results below.

What about you?  If you didn't partake in the survey back then, now's your chance! :)  C'mon--just for fun!


  • Peanuts/Snoopy (3)
  • Holly Hobby (3)
  • Barbie (2)
  • Disney Sleeping Beauty (1)
  • Older sister’s hand-me-downs (1) (But this person feels special b/c she now has her very own
  • Elmo lunchbox. (1)
  • Partridge Family (1)
  • Drawstring type thing--like round on the bottom with draw strings on the top (1)
  • Charlie’s Angels (1)
  • Bionic Woman (1)
  • Brown bags decorated by mother (1)
  • NFL football helmets lunchbox (1)
  • Scooby Doo (1)
  • Hand-me-down, bright yellow one used until damage occurred and was replaced by Barbie (1)


  • Fried potatoes (1)
  • Piece of buttered bread with American cheese (and a note from Mom) (1)
  • Little Debbie snack cakes (2)
  • Little bags of chips (2)
  • Cindy Glowicki’s mother’s chocolate chip cookies (1)
  • Capri Sun (1)
  • Twinkies or Ho-ho’s (1)
  • Thermos of hot food like soup or Spaghetti-ohs (3)
  • Pudding (1)
  • Miniature bag taco-flavored Doritoes, mini can bean dip, Coke and Hostess cupcake (1)
  • Fried chicken (1)
  • Pop Tarts (1)


~“I can’t remember what my lunchboxes were. They were probably all your old ones.”
~“I was so proud of [my Holly Hobby lunchbox].”
~“I was (am still) convinced that Keith [Partridge] was going to marry me.”
~“I distinctly remember the smell of it. Kind of a mixture of peanut butter, old milk and banana.”
~“One thing I did not want to see was a ‘generic’ juice box.”
~“. . .you can imagine my dismay one morning when, packing a Dream Lunch, I got involved chatting to my friend at the bus stop & left my lunch on the pavement. I realized it in time to peer frantically out the bus window and see a large German Shepherd chowing down on my cupcake,white creamy filling adorning his snout. That dog was lucky the bus pulled away just in time....there would have been hell to pay!”
~“I always wanted a cool thermos with soup but ended up with pb&j and veggies.”
~“I do remember that [my lunchbox] smelled like bologna...ugh.”


I always wanted Spaghetti-ohs because Mrs. Sawyer, our “lunch mother,” made a big deal over people who brought them. She pretended she was going to steal them or something. I always thought it was so cool when I’d open my lunch box and see that short, round thermos b/c I knew I might have Spaghetti-ohs (or however you spell it–I’m not particularly fond of them anymore). It was a little disappointing on the days it turned out to be chicken noodle soup or leftover beef stew. But it was still more special than a sandwich!
Oh, and I really wanted my friend Pam’s Donny and Marie lunch box.


  1. Holly Hobbie is the only box I remember. Once I swung my lunchbox back and forth and banged it into my legs all the way to school, and when I opened my Thermos at lunch, I thought my mom had put ice in my drink. Thankfully I didn't drink it since it was the glass liner to my Thermos!

    Like the new blog look! So cheery and summery!

  2. I have an old metal Charlie Brown lunchbox. So many memories!


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