Sunday, May 9, 2010

I'll Always Remember the Very First Time I Saw You . . .

I once thought it took too many years to be able to celebrate Mother's Day as a mother.  For almost 15 years, I remained in my seat at church when the mothers stood to be recognized.  Year after year the pain in my heart increased, until I finally simply dreaded that moment at church on Mother's Day.  Oh, it wasn't at all that I wanted to stand up.  It actually makes me quite uncomfortable to have to stand up to be recognized for something.  Earthly applause is not what it's all about.

No, what I really wanted, from the depths of my being, was to have a reason to stand up!  I wanted to be a mom!  Where was my son or daughter?  Certainly this longing of my heart would someday be fulfilled!  Or, would it?

Now that my dream of motherhood has indeed been fulfilled, I'm fully convinced I didn't have to wait "too" long.  Was it a difficult wait?  Oh, yes!  But if my dream had come true any sooner, it would not have been my precious Little Mister helping his daddy serve me breakfast in bed this morning, or getting water everywhere as he did the dishes for me later.  And what would my life be without my Little Mister?

Whenever he asks me to tell him the story of his adoption, I'm more than happy to relive it with him.  And I always tell it the same way.  It goes something like this:

I'll always remember the very first time I saw you.  Daddy and I walked into  Mr. and Mrs. [Somebody's] house and I heard the sound of your little brown suede boots toddling toward us, before I could even see you.  I peeked around the corner, and you stopped to see who I was.  Before I knew what was happening to my heart, you gave me that mischievous sideways stare of yours, those big, brown eyes framed with the longest eyelashes I had ever seen!  Then you flashed that pearly white grin of yours before turning around and running away, just begging with your body language for me to chase you. :)  You still like to be chased, don't you?

When we finally rounded you up again, and you seemed to realize we weren't just there to visit, you had an awfully hard time at first.  You kicked and screamed (I remember Mrs. [Somebody] saying you were like a little wounded bird, because of the circumstances of your life up to that point) and I began to wonder if you would ever like us!  But your wise and strong Daddy took you in his arms, held you firmly, rocking you back and forth and whispering things like, "You can kick and scream all you want, but I'm your Daddy, and I'm never letting you go."  Daddy was speaking the words your heart needed to hear, just like our Heavenly Father does for us.  You responded well, and calmed down.

Even some wise daddies might need to learn how to use the car seat, right?  Daddy really had a difficult time getting you buckled into that car seat that first time! (snicker snicker)  You watched him with deep interest, and you haven't stopped watching him since.  We knew right away that you were interested in how things work or how they are put together.  You've proven us right time and time again since!

The remainder of the story is very long, with some unexpected drama that showed us once again the Lord's faithfulness.  Maybe I'll talk about that another time.  Right now I want to get back to enjoying Mother's Day with the precious GIFT I've been given! :)

Happy Mother's Day to all you moms, and special blessings on those who are still waiting.  I know.  I mean, I really know!  ♥


  1. What a beautiful story! Thank you so much for sharing. It makes me want to come meet your sweet "Little Mister!" He sounds like the sweetest, most precious gift that the Lord saw fit to bestow up on you & I think you and your husband are the sweetest gifts that the Lord bestowed upon him too. What a sweet family you are! Thanks so much for this post! It made me tear up.
    (((Hugs))) & blessings,

  2. A lovely and precious moment to treasure always. LM was meant just for you to love! You are a great mom, Laurie.

  3. I know what you mean when you say how special adoption is. Almost daily my heart swells up with pride at how Julia is turning out and I hope that her birthmom in heaven can be proud of me. Sometimes I think I am not doing a very good job, but God gives grace to children to forget most of our shortcomings and see the love we have for them!


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