Thursday, August 11, 2011

Two More Days!

This pic was taken 2 yrs ago. It cracks me up!
Two more days 'til the Chicago cousins arrive.  Little Mister is stoked.  Well, okay, we're a little excited, too! :)  Miss Hannah (13) is staying with Grammy and Grampy (and Aunt Betsy one night and I think with us one night as well), and her brothers, Shane (12) and Danny (10) will be with us.  We'll all get together sometimes, too, of course.  They'll be here for a whole week!  Yippee!  It's always a joy to have family visit.

I must say, I was reminded of the Beverly Hillbillies as we drove home from stocking up on food and supplies a little bit ago.  So, yeah, there were some great deals on paper towels (at Target) and toilet paper (Meijer), but you had to buy their super-extra-grande-mega packs.  These took up most of the space in our car.  Then the groceries, of course.  Little Mister can't believe the "sugar stock-up" as he calls it--all the things he always wants but never make it into our cart.  I mean, you know, I need to spoil my nephews while I have a chance. ;)  If LM gets spoiled in the deal, well, I don't think he'll mind much. ;)

Anyway, I was laughing on the way home as I looked back and saw LM squashed over to one side of the seat, surrounded by toilet paper and bags of groceries.  Fun times ahead!!!

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