Thursday, September 15, 2011

Little Mister Speaks (writes) His Heart

My dear 9-year-old son had a creative writing assignment.  He got to choose the topic, and I was surprised by what he chose.  As he wrote, he became increasingly concerned that many people should read his message.  He wanted to send his "article" to the newspaper, but I explained that they hire people to write articles and he isn't old enough to be hired yet.  The only thing I had to offer him was my lil blog here. :)  He is enthused about that.

I want to emphasize that these are his thoughts.  My critical editor eye could find some changes that need to be made (other than the spelling errors he already corrected! lol) but those don't matter as much as the message of his heart.

No Idols in the House

Do you know why you shouldn't worship idols?  You should not worship idols because there is one God:  Yahweh!

There are a couple of reasons why you should not worship idols.  One of God's commandments is not to worship anyone but Him, Yahweh.  Idols might be pieces of wood or stone worth throwing in the lake.  Have you ever gone to the river in the fall or spring and thrown rocks or sticks in the river?  If so, you were throwing the same materials many idols are made from.  Buddha, or whatever god you worship, was probably carved out of wood or stone.

Another kind of idol is something that you spend more time on than God and His Word.  You can make your TV, computer, car, bike, or work an idol.  If you are a school teacher, school can become an idol.  You can make your friends idols by spending too much time with them.

If you want to become a Christian, just pray something like this:  "Dear Lord, please come into my heart.  I want to know You better.  Amen."  Pray something like this with faith  that Jesus is the only way to God and to Heaven.  It is your faith [and God's grace] that saves you, not the prayer.


  1. Thank you Little Mister for your article. I enjoyed reading it. I totaly understand yuor statement. I also agree with it. Thank you for sharing your article with us.

  2. Thank you for sharing this, and thank you for being sensitive to Little Mister's concern and need to share this message. I love it when God speaks through our children, and this message was something that I needed to hear today!

  3. Little Mister gets 2 thumbs up from aunt betsy.

  4. I am blessed to be Little Mister's daddy, and am very pleased and excited to see how he is allowing Jesus to work in and through his life.


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