Friday, December 9, 2011

Dear Birth Mother,

I know your name only, not your face, not much of your life history, nor your hopes and dreams for the future. I only know I love you for making the right "choice" several years ago.

You come to my mind so strongly at times when I'm thinking about the "choices" our country promotes and funds for pregnant women and girls.  I don't know your reasons for choosing against aborting your unborn child, whether it had anything to do with right and wrong.  From what I've gathered of your situation, you could have chosen to have your baby dismembered in your womb and felt like it was justifiable.  The world tells you it's the thing to do and can be very persuasive to sway one's thoughts and actions.

When I think of my beautiful child being tortured in such a way (and you, too, in the aftermath of it all--the part that is rarely talked about), my mind and my heart just can not go there for long without recoiling.  THANK YOU, dear girl, for not doing that to your son.  To my son.  What would this world be without him?  What would I be without him?  That's another place I cannot go.  I almost had to once, thanks to a corrupt court system.  But God is more powerful than any man-made entity.  I now am coming to the full realization that my Little Mister was rescued by God twice.  The time I lived through and the time you, dear one, endured.  I know "it" quite possibly was an option in your mind, even for a fleeting moment.

It's completely unknown, except by God, whether or not we will ever meet face-to-face.  If Little Mister, when he is Big Mister, chooses to find you and if we all meet up, I'm quite certain I will wrap my arms around you (whether or not you want me to maybe!) in gratitude for choosing life for my son.  I will show you photos and documents of all his brilliant moments, which never would have been had you gone the way of the world.  My (our?) son is going to change the world in some way.  He's got that fire and determination and will.  He's a fighter, and his daddy and I are praying and doing our best to train him to be a fighter for good.

I pray for you often and Little Mister prays for you as well.  We want you to know Jesus, the Savior of the world, the One who offers you grace and mercy (and would have even if you had not chosen life for Little Mister).  We want your family to live healthy, productive, God-pleasing lives.  We want you to be free, truly free.  There's forgiveness and peace, which extends, too, to those who have aborted their babies and lived through the pain of that decision.

Jesus loves you and, in our own little way, we do, too.

You are not likely to ever read this but I do hope Almighty God somehow touches your heart and lets you know you are loved and appreciated.



  1. Beautiful Laurie! What a treasure he is to all of us.

  2. Beautiful Laurie! What a treasure he is to all of us.


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