Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Go to Bed, Mom!

 Something struck me this morning during our prayer time after Bible study. Somebody was praying for someone who is about to have surgery, and the pray-er said something like, "Give the doctors and other involved staff plenty of rest before the surgery."  Presumably, she was praying for this rest so the staff can be wide awake and alert during the surgery, increasing the chances that all will be successful!

Isn't everyone's job performance increased, generally speaking, with plenty of rest and sleep?  Isn't it harder to accomplish things when we're tired?

Maybe I'm the only mom who hadn't put two and two together, but it suddenly hit me--since my job as a wife and mom is just as legitimate and important as higher-paying jobs, doesn't it make sense that a proper amount of sleep would help me be better at it?  Especially with my new quest to be a gentler mom, good sleep can only help!

My problem is that I don't like to give in to the end of another day.  Time is flying so fast, and, at the end of many days, I just want to make it last a little longer.  I know once I fall asleep, this great day is gone.  Where are all these days going, anyway?  And why are they in such a hurry?

But are my days as great as they could be if I'm not as awake and alert as I could be?  Am I actually wasting time by not sleeping enough?  Am I letting some of the gentleness I want to bestow on my family slip through my fingers with that neglected sleep?

I don't know!  It's worth investigating, though!

Now, some nights I simply can't get to sleep even when I want to.  Melatonin works wonders for me.  Usually.  (I wrote about this all-natural sleep aid here, if you're interested).  When I can't sleep and it's not my fault, that's a different thing.

But, when I could be sleeping and I'm instead trying to make a day last longer than it should, I'm really not keeping my priorities in line.

I should add that I'm not suggesting I or anyone else should sleep too much, either!  Staying in bed to escape life isn't healthy or productive.

As with just about everything, balance is the key! :)

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