Thursday, December 6, 2012

My One Thousand Gifts

I've taken the challenge to think of 1,000 (and beyond) things to be thankful for.  To read what this is all about, read my previous blog post here.

  1. The one and only true God:  Father, Son and Holy Spirit
  2. The Bible
  3. Kevin
  4. Little Mister                                   
  5. Family
  6. Friends
  7. Forgiveness
  8. Home education
  9. Many moments, fleeting as they are, with my son
  10. Crockpot meals
  11. Cell phones
  12. Cozy house
  13. Large windows through which to gaze upon the seasons of creation
  14. White daisies in winter
  15. Liquid sunshine of oranges
  16. Candles flickering
  17. Bible study
  18. Second chances
  19. Good music
  20. Family mealtimes
  21. Family prayer
  22. Family devotions
  23. Cozy winter evenings
  24. Warm clothes
  25. Heat of the furnace
  26. Bread machine to make the dough
  27. Giggling girls
  28. Strings of white lights
  29. Scrambled eggs
  30. The library
  31. Sales at a store
  32. Penguin pajamas already too short for growing legs
  33. Always enough
  34. SGC
  35. Fluffy white rice
  36. Crispy green salad
  37. Mechanical pencils
  38. Christmas carols whenever
  39. Good workouts
  40. A chivalrous husband
  41. A helpful son
  42. Computer keyboard for my fingers to fly over, expressing thoughts
  43. Date night
  44. Family game night
  45. Laughter
  46. Accountability
  47. Netflix streaming
  48. Rain's pitter-patter
  49. Opportunities to help my son grow, and to grow sometimes myself in those times
  50. Bottles of toilet bowl cleaner that can eventually be opened
  51. Restored relationship between mother and son, when both have erred
  52. Refreshing, healing tears
  53. Wisdom freely given by God
  54. Sweet, tangy pineapple
  55. Tylenol/Ibuprofen
  56. Fresh-smelling laundry
  57. Crumbly toppings
  58. Redemption
  59. The of hope of spring
  60. Focus
  61. Hair products
  62. Warm to hot showers
  63. Fluffy pillows
  64. Boy being diligent
  65. Nerf gun darts found in funny places
  66. Our big lug of a dog, Theo
  67. Lego creations
  68. Solid, trustworthy neighbors
  69. Child's newly cleaned room
  70. My girlie red Bible cover
  71. The calming of anxious thoughts
  72. Theo's amusing howls at the tornado siren tests
  73. Mild winters
  74. Memories
  75. Furrowed brow of boy pouring over open Bible and concordance
  76. Happy songs of sweet little birds
  77. Sweet-but-not-too-sweet blueberry buckle
  78. New, fresh days with no mistakes in them (yet)
  79. Check marks
  80. Best effort
  81. My white board wall in the school room
  82. Bursts of warm golden sunlight
  83. A comfortable toothbrush
  84. Husband or son whistling cheerily
  85. Son ready for spelling test
  86. Wisdom and fun to "like" on Facebook
  87. Photographs, old and new
  88. Father-son time--precious to see
  89. Newborn babies
  90. Liberty
  91. Stars in the clear night sky
  92. Texting
  93. The light at the end of the tunnel
  94. WoW Connect! writers
  95. Flexibility
  96. Chattering of busy squirrels
  97. Clinking of clean plates stacking in the cupboard
  98. Wintery pine scent of flickering candle
  99. Post-it notes
  100. Laughter after tears
  101. Medical advances
  102. Chick flicks
  103. Warm gloves
  104. Helping someone figure things out
  105. Pinterest--Oh, the ideas!
  106. A balanced budget
  107. Cartoons for a sick boy
  108. Possible snow
  109. Fixed mistakes
  110. Kind words spoken
  111. Valentines for Mommy, lovingly created by 9-year-old boy's hands and heart--does it get any sweeter?
  112. Composers of old
  113. New hands to play the music
  114. An unexpected treat dropped off for sick boy
  115. Healing
  116. A library full of life stories, real or imagined, free for the reading
  117. New recipes
  118. Old recipes, handed down through generations
  119. Light snowfall against midnight sky
  120. Sound of Daddy reading to son
  121. Surprises to plan for my guys
  122. Heart message on paper
  123. Quiet afternoon--son studying, candle flickering, God's Word saturating my heart and mind
  124. Far-away friends--memories carry me through the missing of them
  125. Kay Arthur--such a wise and strong example, helping to bring the Word into focus
  126. Dear son's opening heart
  127. Love poems from husband
  128. Celebrating, even in the mourning, a precious life lived for Him
  129. Boy hunched over microscope, discovering the mysteries of the world
  130. Comforter on our bed lopsided because sweet son surprised me by making it for me
  131. "Grampy Bumps"--when one person high fives while the other knuckle bumps
  132. Finding and listening to CD I forgot I had
  133. Changes
  134. Kevin's strong hand grasping mine across the table
  135. Date Night Challenge
  136. New friends
  137. The testimony of one grieving in the comforting arms of Jesus 
  138. Family game of Twister--hilarious!
  139. Comfortable silences
  140. Deep questions
  141. Always more to learn
  142. The sound of precious son writing song lyrics to the Lord
  143. The day after a disappointing election.  The golden sun still rises.
  144. That God is still in control
  145. Fluffy scrambled eggs for breakfast
  146. Light of all kinds
  147. Warm November days to get the Christmas lights ready!
  148. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus; sweetest name I know
  149. My husband of strong character
  150. My sweet son, sho toddled into my life at just the right time
  151. God's never changing, always life-filled Word
  152. The family of 7 I grew up with on Elm Circle Drive
  153. Elim
  154. Miss Margaret
  155. My brothers-in-law--best brothers I ever had! :)
  156. My loveable nieces and nephews
  157. Photos--capturing memories
  158. My family-in-love
  159. Friends, old and new
  160. Saturdays!
  161. Music:  songs of praise, a chorus of birds, a great band, 80s music, the crooners of old, a child's laughter, a symphony orchestra, a favorite hymn, a powerful pipe organ (thanks to Dad)
  162. Warmth
  163. Memories
  164. Quiet moments
  165. A day set aside to give thanks
  166. Extra long weekends
  167. A washer and dryer
  168. A weekend family getaway
  169. An anticipated phone call
  170. Chores that keep us humble
  171. Feeling better after being sick
  172. A new opportunity
  173. The chance to grow
  174. Grace
  175. Mercy!
  176. A kiss on the cheek
  177. The antics of 10-year-old boys
  178. Legos
  179. Decorating for Christmas
  180. Finding the perfect gift
  181. Christmas sales
  182. Christmas baking with LM
  183. The book of John
  184. Puffs Plus
  185. Cousins
  186. Sleepy yawns at night
  187. Family reunions

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