Friday, February 17, 2012

Same Blog. New Name. Here's Why . . .

The old name, No Place Like Home, was good.  It expressed how I feel.  My heart is at home.  Much of my work and ministry are at home.  Home is good.

But my blog isn't just about me.  I mean, I suppose most of it is about me, but it's not just for me.  And the thought occurred to me that maybe it would seem, by the name, that I was writing exclusively for homemakers, or that home is always perfect.

The truth is that I want to encourage as many people as I can through this little blog.  Not that everything I write is encouraging, and I'm an expert at nothing, but I know I myself find encouragement in the few blogs I read because the writers are real . . . themselves. Just knowing someone else experiences the same kinds of things I do can be encouragement enough right there.  Also, I find it fun to read what other individuals and families are up to, the memories they have and are making, what they are learning, and their funny stories.

I, like they, am an ordinary person created by an extraordinary God, and writing is a primary way I sort out my thoughts.

Rekindled Heart.  God constantly rekindles my heart with His good gifts.  When I choose to focus on what I have to be thankful for (like on my 1,000 Gifts list), even in the bad times, the fire keeps burning stronger.  I find myself looking for Him everywhere, and finding He is indeed there, like a faithful husband who leaves unexpected gifts (evidence, tangible or not) for his bride to find, reminding her of his love.

Do I always get the gifts I want?  No.  I do sometimes.  Other times, because my Heavenly Father knows better than I, I get exactly what I don't want, but need nonetheless.  I'm learning to trust that I am safe in Him either way.  He knows what He is doing.

I am so glad He knows what He is doing.

Life is such a gift.  That's cliche, I know, if said without really thinking about what it means.  Life is a gift!  Why not live it fully?  Why not look for the good in it?  Why not thank the Lord for what He has given us?

Lord, I pray that you would ever rekindle my heart, and the hearts of all who stop by this little blog, once or often.

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