Monday, March 19, 2012


Saturday night, the elementary kids at church and their leaders put on a "Mystery Dinner" for the parents.  Little Mister was quite enthused over the whole thing.  All I knew was that he was supposed to dress up like a super hero (he chose Captain America) and that he was helping to lead some singing (I only knew this because he had practices ahead of time).  What the mystery was going to be was beyond me. 

Oh, the other important detail I knew was that it meant the world to LM that we both be there, and Kevin was running a high fever for a few days.  Thankfully, after much rest and lots of prayer, Kevin was indeed able to attend. :)

Most of my pics didn't turn out well for some reason, but here are a few I kinda salvaged:

We were at the "Captain America table."  This is the top of our centerpiece . . .

. . . and here is the bottom. :)

The "mystery" was that the meal itself was a mystery!  The food and even the utensils were coded on the menu like this:
 And you had to order your food in four separate courses, like this (order form to the right):

The catch was that you had to finish all of one course before ordering the next, so if you, for instance, didn't deduce that the "antlers" was the code for "fork," and you didn't order "antlers" with your first course, then you would have to figure out how to eat your first course without a fork.  You might end up with ice cream ("snow") or a baked potato ("wooden barrel") with no fork or spoon to eat them with, and . . . oh, well!  I heard someone at another table had to eat their salad with their fingers. :) 

I must confess we were tipped off by a very cute wait staff. (wink, wink)

It was all very cleverly done, and the kids worked together as a team (with leadership overseeing them, of course!) so well.  It was a lot of fun!  Plus, we encountered all kinds of "characters." 

 You just didn't know whom you might run into next!

Then we were treated to songs by the children.
 There's my Little Mister, directly to the left of the balloons, face away from the camera. lol

So, the mystery is now solved, and it wasn't overly dangerous. :)


  1. This does sound like fun, I am however very curious to know what GAS was?

  2. Ha ha--that was the beverage--some people got bottled water and some got lemonade. :)


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