Thursday, July 19, 2012

Healing Rain

Oh, how we have needed rain.  For weeks and weeks our community has watched as the parched earth around us has cried out with its brown crispness, almost audibly pleading with the Lord along with us to replenish its moisture with rain.  Some of the trees have lost their will to stretch their hands toward the heavens and have instead withered limply, seemingly giving up hope.  Word has it that some farmers have contemplated (if they haven't already done it) tilling under their crops and starting over, with the hope of having a late harvest of something instead of nothing.

The songs "Let it Rain" and "Healing Rain" have come to mind a lot in recent weeks.  It's hard to know sometimes what the Lord has in mind when he bestows or holds back.

But we know He loves.  Provides.  In HIS timing.

Yesterday we got a little rain.  Last night we got A LOT!  This morning we got even more!  Never has thunder sounded so wonderful. :)

Little Mister, naturally, wanted to go out and play in the rain.  How in the world could I say no to that?  Heck, I wanted to join him!  Of course, it looks a little more dignified for Mom to be playing outside with a camera in her hand, right?  (wink, wink)

A rain dance, I guess.  IN the rain! :)

I adore the pure boyish joy of this pic. :)

 Rain after a drought is as refreshing to the human soul as it is healing to the parched ground and all that live in and because of it.

A pair of old, grubby shoes is a must to have around for my boy.

About to stomp, I'll bet!
Happy are the grubby-shoed feet of a boy outside on a rainy day! :)

Always a stick in hand.  Always something to explore . . .

. . .  because only those with their eyes open will find a "treasure" like this!

A cicada shedding its shell is the perfect thing to observe on a summer afternoon!

One night and morning of rain is probably not enough to restore all the damage of drought in our community, but it's plenty to heal the thoughts of doubt that it will ever rain again.  It's enough to lighten our spirits and renew our hope!

Changed into flip-flops at some point. :)

Mud . . . it's a wonderful part of childhood.


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