Monday, June 6, 2011

Worry? Me? Ha! Part 3

When I wrote my first post concerning worry, I had no idea it would lead to a second, and now a series! lol  I think this may actually be the last one.  It's kind of like an unorganized journey . . . I'm not sure where I'm going or when it will end.  Just writing it as it comes to me.  ;)

I have been feeling like I should address the issue of emotions.  Worry carries with it a host of emotions.  Does that mean the absence of worry means the absence of emotion?  If I'm feeling emotions I don't enjoy, does that mean I'm worrying?

I think not!  Some situations bring about a sense of grief or anger or concern, but feeling those emotions--experiencing them and dealing with them--does not have to lead to worry.  Even Jesus Himself, who never sinned, so, therefore, never worried, felt agony to the point of sweating drops of blood as he wrestled with the idea of the torture and ridicule He was about to face! 

Emotions really aren't good or bad.  What we allow them to lead to is where the right or wrong can come in.  Do we choose to take every thought captive, or do we dwell on the negative until we've stressed ourselves out or allowed our sorrows to evolve into bitterness?  Do we lay our concerns at the feet of the One who can do something about them, or hold on to them for dear life because we don't trust Him?

So, if we need to cry, we ought to cry.  Better yet, cry out to the Lord.  He always hears.  He's always ready and able to take on our burdens.  He wants us to trust Him, and He is worthy to be trusted.  We serve a mighty God!

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