Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Haven of Home: Controlling Clutter

So far for the Making Your Home a Haven challenge, I've been lighting a candle every day (as a reminder to pray for peace in our home) for two weeks straight, and playing music every day for one week.  It's been great to break out some of the old CDs or find favorites on Grooveshark or Youtube.  Little Mister has definitely been into it, and it's just one more source of joy and fun to add to ordinary days.

Now it's week number three and the focus is clutter.  The first part of the challenge is to focus on a few areas of your home that stress you out.  Buy something (a basket or storage container or whatever) to put stuff in.

I like this one (almost) as much as the first two.  I can't stand clutter!  But that doesn't mean it doesn't exist in my home.  The computer desk I'm sitting at right now is a perfect example.  It's not huge piles of stuff, but too many papers, some store ads I want to go through and coupon inserts that need to be filed.  Oh, and the notes I have written to myself about things I need to remember to run by Kevin.  I have baskets on the shelves by the computer, which look fine, but they desperately need to be gone through and junk purged.

I started working on this area yesterday, but didn't get far.  I have a trash bag started, though!

Then there's my table in the school room.  I love the table itself, an antique dropleaf that was once my grandma's.  As each day goes on, though, my books and record keeping, along with some of Little Mister's books and papers that need to be graded, pile up.  Sometimes I clear it off at the end of the day and, *a-hem!* sometimes not so much.  There are days that seem sooo long, and I think, "I'm just going to be taking this all out tomorrow!"  Thus there are evenings (probably too many) when I just ignore it and move on to something else.  I'm determined to be better about that!

As far as mail and things like that, it just really used to get out of hand.  There's one spot on a kitchen counter where it would all accumulate.  I've tried to adopt the "touch it once and only once" rule.  I try to file the bills or statements right away, throw away the junk mail immediately--whatever needs to be done to each paper or periodical that makes its way into our house.  There are still things I'm indecisive about, though, or that aren't quite trash but don't fit into another category.  I have a basket sitting on the counter where "the pile" used to accumulate.  I can go through it every couple days without that spot looking cluttered.

The second part of this week's challenge is to get rid of the clutter in our spiritual lives.  A big part of this is recognizing in ourselves and confessing to the Lord any sin in our lives.  Also, are we being good stewards of our time?  What are we filling our minds and hearts with?  Are there things we should be doing that we aren't?  Lots of pondering going on in my mind and heart this week!

Now, I'm off to clear that school room table . . .


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