Monday, October 17, 2011

Some of my Favorite Things Today (so far):

1) A stop at the Dollar Tree with Kevin and Little Mister.  I found myself lagging behind on the way across the parking lot into the store, watching my two guys walk side by side and noticing again how tall Little Mister has become and how he tries to be like his Daddy. Two peas in a pod walking before me, they were!  Then, when Little Mister found what he was looking for and took out his money to pay, he opened up a little Lego creation (I've never seen him make something so simple! lol) which contained his money.  He has a wallet, but I've learned not to ask questions about things that don't matter, and just enjoy his amusing creativity. ;)

2) Coupons.  And even the lady at Walmart who studied them like she would be tested later.  I only go to Walmart when I need a very few things. lol

3) My brother-in-law's new book, Stepping Forward.

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4) My green chai tea and cozy-smelling mulled cider candle (and Little Mister sitting at the kitchen table working on Language Arts--sometimes being at his desk just doesn't cut it). :)

5) Remembering our Family Game Night the other night.  Such laughter and fun in ordinary happenings.  Of course, Little Mister does rather enjoy enhancing the ordinary with his unique touches, such as using an old pair of grilling tongs for his "robotic arm" sometimes, like to roll the dice that night, or, instead of using the thimble or the iron tokens that came with the Monopoly game, he chose to use a Lego Rock Monster (is that what it's called?  *deep sigh*  I'm so out of it when it comes to these boy hobbies sometimes). ;)

Just a few of my favorite parts of today! :)

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