Monday, June 11, 2012

Content with Today

I'm 44 years old today.  When I was 4 . . .

 . . . and even 14 . . .

 . . .  birthdays were an exciting prospect!

I would say that now I pretty much forget about my birthday until a couple of days before, and then I anticipate it with a pleasant content.  I know my guys will insist on my not doing any housework (I didn't even make my bed this morning--hubby did it for me!), will take me out to dinner or make me a special meal, and will buy me the little frivolous things I don't think to want or ask for at any other time.  I always know, too, that I will celebrate with my dad (whose b-day is the day before mine) and any other family members who are around.

It's just all very pleasant!  Nothing to be all hyper about like when I was a child, and nothing to despair over like I temporarily did when I was turning forty.

Content.  It's a nice place to be.  Whatever I regret from the past, whatever I waste my time fearing in the future . . .

. . .  today I am content with today.

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