Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Just Relax!

"No thinking about or touching anything school-related until at least after the weekend," says he.

Ha!  My husband knows me well.  He knows I have a hard time relaxing.

Not that I don't ever have lazy, time-wasting moments like everyone else.  If you saw last night's Facebook conversation, you know the mindless things I watch on Netflix Instant Watch when I have opportunity! lol  (If you missed it, think Toddlers & Tiaras.  Also, if you're not too tired, consider joining the occasional late-night random discussion if you see us! lol  The more the merrier! ha ha)

Anyway, Kevin made the above statement last night, on our last day of home school for this school year, as we drove home from my favorite home school store with my purchases for next year.

Yes, next year.  It's only a couple months away, folks!  A girl needs to plan ahead!  Especially when she's starting something totally new next year, but that's another post. :)

Anyway, I was thinking about my problem when it comes to relaxing.  See, I realized that I usually think, "If I finish X, Y, and Z before taking time to relax, then I'll be able to relax better."  That's okay in a way, except that I almost always end up thinking, while I'm doing X, Y, and Z, that . . . well . . . maybe I'll be able to relax better yet if I accomplish A, B, and C first.  And, of course, if A, B, and C should be done, then so should D, E, and F.  Right?  It's endless.  Just endless!

I need to learn that when I have the opportunity to relax, it's a gift from the Lord.  A wonderful gift!  If I've been diligent to keep up with things, it's okay to take a break, to rest my racing mind a bit.  Read a book for fun, more than 2 pages at a time.  Have long, meaningful or just-for-fun conversations.  Take a lengthy, leisurely walk in the woods--not just for exercise, but to take in the beauty and the fresh scents and fascinating sounds.  Slow down physically and mentally.

In quiet moments, I'm free to "hear" from the Lord as He speaks to my spirit.  He doesn't seem to speak to most of us in an audible voice, so we need to be careful to take time to "listen."


Quiet doesn't hurt us!  It's so hard to be quiet.  If I don't have something I'm listening to externally, I've always got my thoughts to cause chaos.  Not that I think we should stop thinking, but to slow down our thoughts, quiet our minds . . . our minds need rest, which brings refreshment to our spirits if we allow it to be so.

So, my goal this summer, besides fulfilling my responsibilities, and taking time to plan for the next school year, is to learn more about the art of relaxing.  Surely it can be done!

Just relax . . .

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