Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer Laughter

How do I explain the laugh fest I had with my son this morning?

We laugh all the time, but today was different.

Today I wasn't in a hurry to get on to the next thing.

I'm trying not to spaz about nasty work gloves on face. ;)

Today I took the time to just immerse myself in the moment . . . and allow it to turn into moments (plural!).

Today I let myself laugh wholeheartedly.

Today I fully took in the sight of his laughter--tear drops clinging to his never-ending eyelashes, some escaping in a path down his cheek;  the smile that stretches 'til it just cannot reach any further into his cheekbones; the tilting back of his head as he gasps for air.

Today the sounds of his laughter delighted my ears and lightened my spirit, like the most joyful of music.

I always love to laugh and to see others laugh, but laughter on a relaxed, lazy summer day is the best! :)

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