Monday, May 14, 2012

Part 2: To Lay Down a Life

This is a continuation of my last post, found here.

"Moment by moment . . ."

Something struck me as I typed those final words on my last post, but I didn't have time to elaborate at the time.

Moment by moment!  Maybe that's it!  Maybe my mentality has been all wrong as I think about tomorrow and next year and the rest of my life, however long that may be, and think, "I can't do it!  I can't lay down my life for that long.  I'll never make it!  I'll fail!  I'll mess everything up somehow!"

But, like every fellow human being, I have only the option of truly living one moment at a time.  I can't go back to moments past. I can't live any moment in the future until I get there, and I can't get there without living each present moment first.  Right?

So maybe to lay down a life is to do so a moment at a time!  A moment might be a literal 60-second minute, or a few minutes, or an hour.  Surely I can say to the Lord, "I will live this moment for you, no matter what You ask of me."  If practiced often enough, might it not even become a habit?

For a lifetime?

This brings me hope!  I'm not hopeless! ha ha 

Could this be the "secret" to laying down a life that has eluded me for so long?  Not that "moment by moment" won't still mean mistakes and failures along the way.  But it seems so much more manageable and like a real possibility that I could learn to lay down my life for the Lord.

A moment at a time.

Hope is such a lovely thing!


  1. Amen! So hopeful, isn't it? Day by day. And sometimes minute by minute. Faith gives strength for today - tomorrow we receive new strength! Focusing on what He'll ask me to do THIS day gives me rest. I don't know you at all, but we're fighting the same fight! Many blessings.

  2. We don't know each other, but we know the One who unites us! :) Thank you so much for taking the time to write comments and subscribe! :)


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