Thursday, May 24, 2012

Savor the Moment!

Excitement is definitely in the air!

 No, it's not the last day of school. In fact, while everyone else is celebrating the final days of this academic year, we are completely aware that we won't be done until mid-June.  But the reason is worth it!  We've been able to take time off when people come to visit, and we've had lots of fun visitors during this past school year!

Now we're taking ten days off (after today) because we have more fun visitors arriving! :)  My sis, Mary, and her daughter, Zoey will be arriving from Ohio around dinner time, I believe.

Then tonight, my sis, Amy, and her husband, Mike, and their two kids, Emily and Zack, will be arriving from Arizona!

Next week, my Aunt Linda, Uncle Dave, and Mary's hubby, Scott, will join us, and then my sis, Julie, her husband, John, and their three kids, Hannah, Shane, and Danny, will be here!  And my sis, Betsy, who lives relatively close to me, will be around for the various festivities as well, no doubt.  My parents, who live in town, will be hosting the adults, and I think the kids are staying here (based on the number of sugar cereal boxes in my house, we'd better have some extra children here at least some of the nights! lol).

It's always exciting to see loved ones, far or near.  The one thing that can put a damper on having my faraway kindred spirits near is the dread of saying goodbye again.

I am so un-fond of goodbyes!

And Little Mister absolutely falls apart immediately after saying goodbye to his cousins.

But I'm trying to learn something from my Little Mister.  This tough-but-tender-hearted boy of mine makes the most of every second, until that heart-breaking moment of goodbye.  He doesn't waste time dreading it or really even thinking about or dwelling on it.  He savors the now.

Oh, yes, that's what I want to learn to do, and I'm about to get some more practice:

Savor the moment!

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