Monday, June 4, 2012

Please Don't Go

My sisters; my dearest friends:

Betsy, Amy, Mary, Julie
Please don't go!  It's much too soon!

Betsy, Amy
You just got here, right?

When we all lived in the same house as girls, I didn't think to appreciate you like I do now.  I'm so sorry for any and all time I wasted on petty arguments and catty comments.

You know what they say about hindsight.

I wish you could stay just a little longer . . . or a lot!

"Candid" lol
I wish our kids could hang on to those cousin moments and never let them go.  Ever.

I wish we could all live together in a huge mansion.

"Candid"  Mmm hmm!
Or maybe not.  For now.

God has us where He wants us for His purposes, for this time.  May we each continue to serve Him and grow where He has planted us!

Queens of "Candid"  Yeah! :)
But someday, while we're waiting our turns to talk to Adam and Eve and Noah and Moses and Daniel and Mary Magdalene and Jesus Himself, we will have endless days to visit and catch up and remember and celebrate.

If we even care about all that in the presence of our Savior.

Goofy girls!
For now we will talk and see each other when we can, and we will stay close at heart as always.

Hee hee!
Kindred spirits.

And here's to the couple who started it all, who raised a loving, God-serving family, and who always share in the laughter and tears!
Mom & Dad :)

Gallery Time!! :)

Amy and Emily

Shane, Little Mister & Danny playing Wii in "Boy Cave" at Grammy's :)

Zoey and Aunt Betsy :)
Aunt Linda & Uncle Dave
Scott (Mary's hubby) and Amy getting ready for a run

Emmy and Zack enthusing over the cupcakes for the Hulse Cousins B-day Party
The Hulse version of "Happy Birthday" is always stellar (as loud & off-key as possible!)
My oldest niece, Hannah
Zoey & Hannah
The tallest & the smallest--Grampy & Zoey
Danny--he was a bit "camera shy." ;)
Sharing secrets. :)

And a video or two for my sisters (hilarious to watch, but heartfelt nonetheless):


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