Wednesday, April 17, 2013

How's That Working for Ya?

Children and staff being threatened with violence and death at school.

Children and staff actually suffering violence and death at school.

Violence and death at the mall, the post office, the theater, a famous city marathon.

National debt at a number impossible to comprehend.


Families falling apart.

Schools failing (many, not all).

All kinds of crime.

Depression and hopelessness.

Has the world gotten better as we, collectively, have tried to "erase" God from the picture?  Whether purposefully or via apathy, how has our ignoring God and His principles helped us?

He's always there, whether we choose to believe or not.  He never forces anyone to love or even acknowledge Him during our earthly life story.  But He was loving enough to warn us in His Word of the consequences of this attitude. 

And we're watching it play out right before our eyes . . . the words written thousands of years ago are happening right now!

As a society, we are trying to become "God-less."  How's it working?  How much better off are we?

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