Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Making Your Home a Haven: Cooking

Ya gotta love Courtney over at Women Living Well and her ideas for the Making Your Home a Haven fall challenge.  This is my second year participating and it's just so meaningful.  The first week was focusing on lighting a candle every day; last week we added quiet (and sometimes not-so-quiet) music; and this week, the third part of the challenge is cooking!

Courtney has a great post about cooking and, if you have kids, including them in food preparation.  Check it out!  It's the perfect week for this part of the challenge. :)

As for me, I'm going to link you to some of my family's favorite Thanksgiving recipes--easy and tasty!

Here's a cranberry-ish dish that even children love.  As a matter of fact, children probably love it more than the adults do, but most adults like it as well. ;)  Cranberry-Raspberry Salad

An alternative to pumpkin pie, this one has won over even kids who don't particularly like the pumpkin in pie.  Pumpkin Pie Cake

Here's a fancy, but easy, way to fix corn for any dinner.  Triple Corn Casserole

This one is a little Thanksgiving treat that you'll want the kids to help with!  Pilgrim Hat Cookies

Happy Cooking!  Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! :)


  1. Nice to meet you. Visiting from WLW. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Hmmm, triple corn casserole sounds perfect for our corn loving family :).


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